About "Peachy Special"

"Peachy Special" is a feel-good animated comedy series about life that is suitable for all ages!

Peachy Special Episodes

"Peachy Special" Episode 4: Be Productive, Not Destructive

Unmotivated, angry, and depressed, Mr. Tornado goes to therapy after having an unbearable week. However, he is surprised when the therapist tells him he doesn't have anger issues, but rather is not channeling his energy properly.

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Be Productive, Not Destructive

Essere produttivi, non distruttivo 


"Peachy Special" Episode 3: Grab Them By The Snacks

A funny skit based on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. D. Cracker is being a bad snack and causing trouble for the other snacks in Grocery World. Starring D. Cracker, B. Cookie, P. Pretzel, E. Cupcake, Donut, A. Fry, T. Chip, M. Mallow, and Timmy the Kid.

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Grab Them By The Snacks (English subtitles)

Li afferrare dagli spuntini (sottotitoli in italiano) 

抓住他們的零食 (中文字幕) 

"Peachy Special" Episode 2: Beauty Secret

What could the secret to beauty be? Starring Pinky and Goldie Fish.

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Beauty Secret (English subtitles)

Segreto di bellezza (sottotitoli in italiano) 

美容秘密 (中文字幕) 

"Peachy Special" Episode 1: The R Word

What's a racist? Naive Mrs. Tomato stumbles upon a solution for all of tomatokind. Starring Mr. and Mrs. Tomato.

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The R Word (English subtitles)

La parola che inizia con R (sottotitoli in italiano) 

R詞 (中文字幕)